Corvilla is a non-profit organization that provides a variety of services for people with intellectual and physical disabilities.  Founded in 1959 as COR by a group of parents, Corvilla initially provided respite care and with the support of the Brothers of the Holy Cross, expanded its services to provide group homes.  Corvilla currently provides supported group living, employment services, and a day program called Connections. Corvilla relies on the support of businesses, organizations, and individuals in the community to further its mission. For more information, please contact Christina at or call 574-289-9779


Corvilla provides life-enhancing services to enrich the lives of individuals with disabilities while encouraging respect and dignity in the communities in which we live.

Corvilla Vision

Through the provision of life-enhancing services, progressive policies, financial stability, and strategic decision making, Corvilla will be the provider and employer of choice in the region.

Corvilla Values

All interactions are guided by:
Compassion: We are mindful of others' physical, spiritual and emotional needs
Open-Mindedness: We welcome and encourage new ideas
Respect: We encourage others to be viewed as good, valuable and important
Vision: We concentrate on foresight and imagination
Integrity: Our foundation is based on honesty and fairness
Love: We show unselfish concern in all that we do for others
Legacy: Even as we look to the future, we honor the rich history of our past
Accountability: We accept responsibility for our actions

Code of ethics


Corvilla assures through written policy statements and official documents that the organization is governed, led and managed in accordance with appropriate ethical standards. Ethical conduct is required in all activities of Corvilla including business and financial practices, human resource management, development, leadership, governance, marketing, public relations, and contractual relationships… FOR A COMPLETE COPY OF OUR CODE OF ETHICS, PLEASE CALL 574-289-9779.